Independent Living Program for Teens

Helping youth transitioning out of foster care thrive at home, at school and in their community.

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For many youth transitioning out of foster care, the adult world can be overwhelming. They may not know how to find and keep a job, stay in school, find a place to live, manage money, cook nutritious food, or how to handle an emergency. They may not know where they will spend their birthday or Christmas.

The Independent Living Program (ILP) is a program for youth ages 16-21 in Marion and Yamhill counties who are transitioning to adulthood from foster care. Youth are taught skills that will help prepare them to live independent, successful lives. Many have not had the opportunity to learn basic living skills because of the lack of stability in their young lives.

Each ILP participant is required to attend at least one meeting a month. They can attend as many classes as they choose. Classes range from housing, nutrition and money management, to social skills, college preparation and job search skills.

Basic living skills are taught through individual meetings, group classes and community activities. Each youth is assigned a personal agent to help them develop a personalized service plan based on their needs, interests and talents. These plans are created in collaboration with Department of Human Services case workers, foster parents and other supportive adults.

ILP personal agents assist youth in identifying and accessing programs, services and resources that can help them become successful as independent adults. Some of these services include housing assistance, community work programs and academic supports. Personal agents also provide guidance in how to resolve problems and issues in a positive, productive manner.

For many foster youth, ILP is the primary path to responsible adulthood.

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