Heidi Frederick

Heidi Frederick

“We make a living by what we do, but we make a life by what we give.” – Winston Churchill

After more than 21 years of service as a counselor and foster parent certifier for CCS Youth and Family Services, Heidi Frederick has taken on a new role: inspiring others to serve.

In April, Heidi became the new director of Volunteer Services, a program that she is excited and ready to build from the ground up.

“I have learned the value of sincerely acknowledging others for what they truly do. This speaks volumes to them and helps them realize their worth in the organization and that they make such a difference in the lives of those they serve,” she said. “When volunteers know they are valued, it will give them the boost they so often need to carry on.

“What an exciting time for CCS with the new chapter of Volunteer Services,” said Heidi. “I’m so grateful to be the coordinator having worked for and believed in CCS for over 21 years. Please contact me to learn more of the opportunities for yourself or to refer someone you know. It’s a wonderful adventure to help others and feel the satisfaction of volunteering.”

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