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  • The majority of adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities are either unemployed or underemployed, despite their ability, desire, and willingness to work in the community. Partner with CCS and provide someone with the opportunity to live out their dream and make a difference every day in your workforce
  • Our annual fundraising luncheon will be held on Wednesday, November 11th at the Salem Conference Center. We hope you will join us and that you will join our roster of corporate sponsors. Each sponsor contributes $500 or more to underwrite the luncheon so that all funds raised go directly to program services. Please consider this opportunity to show your support for the work CCS has been doing for decades to positively impact the lives of our most vulnerable neighbors. Check this box, and we will send you more information about luncheon sponsor levels and benefits.
  • Work to End Poverty is an innovative social enterprise in which local employers help to fund life-changing solutions to the root causes of poverty. Entry-level positions in your company are filled with job-sharing teams who volunteer to work at least 4 hours a week and donate their wages. Participating businesses serve the community while also gaining an expanded, flexible team of dedicated, compassionate workers.
  • Fostering Hope is a Collective Impact Initiative that promotes the positive development of children and adults by supporting vulnerable families, encouraging connections between neighbors, strengthening collaboration, intentionally pursuing quality and accountability, and advocating for family friendly public policy. Partners can help with anything from funding, to hosting workshops or donating goods and services within one of six high-poverty neighborhoods.
  • Expand your social service ministry. Faith Community partners are congregations that connect with CCS to meet various needs for advocacy, resource development, and volunteerism within their local communities. Faith communities are vital to the work CCS does across the Mid-Willamette Valley.
  • Become a Safe Families Church, offering tangible expressions of love and kindness to those who need it most. Facilitating a volunteer ministry that offers help and hope to neighbors in times of need strengthens your mission and enhances credibility. Safe Families outreach is only successful when it is embraced and adopted by local faith communities
  • Host a community café and begin a conversation about how the CCS Theory of Change can help your faith community and your neighbors in need resolve personal and community issues and live more fulfilling lives.
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