Work to End Poverty

Businesses and volunteers providing life-changing solutions to the root causes of poverty

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Work to End Poverty is a social enterprise operated by Catholic Community Services Foundation. It is an innovative temporary employment agency that helps build pathways to self-sufficiency for parents seeking to break through the barriers of poverty and raise their children well, youth transitioning out of foster care and adults with disabilities. It is the missing link between short-term fixes and life-changing solutions.

Work to End Poverty provides infrastructure for local businesses and temporary employees to work together to raise needed funds to fight poverty.

How it works
  • Local businesses contract with Work to End Poverty to fill an employment need suitable for job-sharing.
  • People interested in making a difference join the Work to End Poverty workforce and donate their earned wages.
  • Flexible job-sharing teams are formed for each position with each person working at least 4 hours per week for at least 12 weeks.
  • Each team fills one full-time equivalent entry-level position within the community.
  • Examples of job-share opportunities are:
    • Professional Office Receptionist
    • Youth Mentor
    • Mail Room Clerk

Who benefits?

Work to End Poverty funds are used to remove barriers to gainful employment and provide opportunities for parents seeking to break through the barriers of poverty and raise their children well, youth transitioning out of foster care, and adults with disabilities. The program provides opportunities for individuals to develop the knowledge, skills, and virtues needed to succeed inthe workplace, and ultimately, to become self-sufficient.

Become a Work to End Poverty Employment Partner

Participating businesses not only benefit our community, they gain an expanded flexible work force. Employees who come to you through Work to End Poverty share your commitment to helping others rise out of poverty. Over time, the use of job-sharing positions could reduce insurance, payroll and other administrative costs for your company.

The first step is to contact us at (503) 856-7015 so that a Work Force Developer can set a time to meet with you to help identify an open position within your business that could be filled by a job-sharing team. After a position is identified, our Work Force Developer will train for and fill the position while Work to End Poverty employees are recruited. As the job-sharing team forms, our Work Force Developer will train each individual employee in all aspects of the position. The Work Force Developer will remain your main point of contact to ensure optimum work team performance.

Join a Job Sharing Team

Work to End Poverty also benefits the workers who participate. As a participant, you develop knowledge of businesses and professions that you might otherwise never have the opportunity to learn about. You also meet other community-minded people who share your commitment to helping others.

Please fill out a Work to End Poverty Volunteer Interest / Temporary Employment Application Form and tell us what you are qualified for and love to do. We will meet with you to learn what type of job sharing would work well for you. Then, we’ll do our best to create a great job match for you. The expected length of donated service is anywhere from 3 to 12 months.

Start your own Work to End Poverty Team with your friends or family. Typical teams consist of 10 people, with each person working 4 hours per week in order to fill a typical Monday through Friday business week schedule.

Contact Work to End Poverty for more information at or 503-856-7015.
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