Community Homes for Children

Community Homes for Children

Stable, neighborhood family homes for children in long-term foster care.

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The Oregon Department of Human Services (DHS) reports that approximately 15% of youth in foster care in Marion, Polk and Yamhill Counties are not likely to be re-united with their families or adopted. These children typically enter the foster care setting with serious emotional and behavioral problems.

Often, their parents lose parental rights and their family connections become disarrayed. Their behavioral and emotional problems make successful adoption unlikely and they frequently end up bouncing from one foster home to another. The constant relocation they experience in the foster care system and school settings exacerbates their problems. Many eventually end up in expensive residential treatment programs and, in later years, homeless.

Because of generous donors and passionate advocates, the odds are changing for these children. Twenty of them slept in their own bed in their own home in their own community last night, and they know where they will go to school today.

The Community Homes for Children concept is quite simple: CCS purchases or builds a home in a neighborhood setting on behalf of the children and then recruits and trains foster parents to live in the children’s home. Once operational, each Community Home serves up to 5 children, with one set of foster parents. The foster parents are provided with substantial additional support, including counseling, training, respite, and peer support. Our fundamental commitment to the children is that they will not be removed from the home for behavioral reasons. If the foster parents need to move on, the children stay and new foster parents come to live in their home and care for them.

The positive result – a chance to live happy, productive lives. The safety and security of a permanent home gives foster children a stability they may never have experienced before, either with their biological families or their previous experiences in the foster care system.

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