Employment Services

Employment Services

Empowering individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities to pursue meaningful community-based employment.

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At CCS, we stand for the right of every adult with intellectual or developmental disabilities to live, work and enjoy life in the community. In 2014, CCS shifted resources and staffing to establish a community-based Supported Employment Program. We now serve more than 100 individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities through Employment Services.

A key component of CCS Employment Services, the Supported Employment Program offers adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities the opportunity to pursue employment in the community with the support of employment specialists and job coaches. Employment specialists assist with identifying employment opportunities in the community and with job applications. Job coaches help individuals with disabilities learn new tasks and gain confidence on the job. They also help new colleagues in integrated employment settings understand how they can support each other. Job coaches stay on the job with customers only as long as needed to ensure that they can perform their work independently. Varying degrees of ongoing support are available to ensure success in community-integrated employment settings.

For individuals who are not yet ready to pursue employment in community-based settings, CCS’s Vocational Alternatives Program provides customized service and enrichment opportunities that match each person’s skill set, interests and life goals. Vocational alternatives include education and retirement plans, community engagement and other activities that foster life skills and independence.

If you are interested in seeking employment services from CCS, please contact the Adult Employment Services office at 503-390-2600 for referral information.

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